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Halcyon Days
Enamelling on copper was a classic English craft. In the second half of the 18th Century this craft flourished. Although it slowly declined and almost stopped completely by the 1830s. Although this was very popular for less than… more
In 1953 the three Lladró brothers made there first pieces in a furnace in there own home. They worked in a tile and crockery factory but developed there artistic talents when they got… more
Caithness Glass
Caithness Glass was established in 1961 and since then has made a proud tradition of fine glass making. Caithness Glass was originally made in the far north of Scotland. The first pieces that they produced were coloured bowls and vases in popular and contemporary styles. … more
In 1967 a small porcelain factory was brought by the Lladró brothers. This factory was very close to the city of Valencia and was the start of collaboration with local porcelain artisans to create a new… more
Dartington Crystal
Dartington Crystal was started by a group of Swedish glassmakers in 1967. In Rural North Devon they started working with the finest natural materials to start a new glass company. The glassware they were creating was beautiful and also very usable.… more
John Beswick
James Wright Beswick owned a company which was producing Tableware’s and Ornaments, Such as Staffordshire cats and dogs. He was based in Gold Street Works, Longton. Sadly he died in 1921 but he passed the company on to his grandson John Ewart Beswick who managed to continue expanding the business. .… more
Royal Brierley
Royal Brierley has been made by 15 generations and has a rich heritage spanning 300 years. It is the most prestigious name in English Lead Crystal. This name is famous for it craftsmanship and quality. This heritage helped them be noticed by 2 Royal Warrants and appointed as The Royal British Glassmakers. .… more

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